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Common Types of Bug Tracking Features
Companies know in today's fast paced business environment that staying on top of bug tracking is imperative to their success. When bugs become overwhelming it affects their bottom line and can spell disaster. That is why every solid company has a bug tracking system in place. These companies also know that there are some essential features their bug tracking system needs to have in order to be operational and fully functioning to service their needs.
One of the most critical features of a bug tracking system is a record database. This record database is where issues are recorded and where all the important details about an issue are stored for future reference and use. A good record database will allow a user to go in and make changes to each individual record or to multiple records at once. It will also allow for easy searching of the database with advanced search options that make finding the needed record simple. The database should also allow for attachments which can be very helpful for later reference. The database should also track changes made to the record so they can be seen if needed.
The tracking system should allow administrators to stay in control of the system. The administrator should be able to set who has what level of access to the database, such as being able to enter information, change information or even delete information.
Reporting issues should be easy. The way issues are reported in a bug tracking system is very important. If issues are not reported in a clear and concise manner then finding the issue and fixing it is going to be difficult, if not impossible. A good reporting system should allow for details and it should ensure that the person reporting the issue includes all the necessary facts and information. It should also be easy to use.
A good bug tracking system will also allow for ease in handling bug issues. It should not be difficult to access the system in order to fix a bug. Users should be able to understand how the system works and be able to operate the features of the system.
A good bug tracking system is almost required in today's business world. Bugs can be very damaging to a company and can cost a lot in money and time when a company does not have a good bug tracking system in place. By understanding the features of a good bug tracking system a company can ensure they choose a system that will work well for their needs.