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Client Friendly Bug Tracking Tools
When you’re working for your clients on a new project, you want them to have access to a bug tracking system that will enable them to monitor and track any bugs, on real-time. Web based bug tracking tools allow your customers to have immediate access to the tools, without a download. Anyone in the company can view and utilize the tools at a moment’s notice. The best part about client friendly web based tools is that updates are automatic – your clients always stay in the loop, even if they’ve been away from the office for a few days.
Besides the utter convenience of web based bug tracking tools, they also provide a mechanism for your customers to put their immediate input into the bug tracking system. If your customer notices a bug while testing a product, he can instantly enter it in the system. Your quality assurance team or software developers will be privy to that information within minutes through the system’s automatic email notification tool. Your customer can also send screen shots, text files, etc, via the bug tracking mechanism. No longer will information be lost, forgotten, or delayed thanks to the bug tracking tools.
For instance, say your client sells home security systems. He needs to make sure his product functions flawlessly. If the alarm doesn’t go off when an intruder enters a house, it can spell disaster. Or if the alarm is activated every time a customer opens the door, it can be a big nuisance. With an effective bug tracking system in place, such situations can be prevented from ever occurring. Bugs can be identified and resolved prior to the product hitting the shelves. It can save your customer from needless frustration or even lawsuits due to burglaries.
The tracking tools are also valuable for ongoing quality assurance purposes. Taking the above example, if the alarms tend to malfunction two years down the line, your client can utilize the tracking system to report any bugs. Your software development team can then systematically analyze and record the problems and resolve the malfunction. Afterwards, the quality assurance team would conduct follow-up tests to ensure that the issue has been resolved.
Bug tracking tools enable you to be a true partner with your client base. Together, you’ll ensure their product’s initial as well as ongoing excellence.