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Why Businesses Need Bug Tracking Tools
The Information Age has changed the face of businesses worldwide. In the past, businesses depended upon word-of-mouth and local advertising to market their product. While the same strategy is useful today, running a business has become more complicated. Vast amounts of information and quicker forms of communication have created high customer expectation. Any flaw in a product can affect customer loyalty.
In such a competitive market, smart business owners turn to bug tracking tools to improve their product. In order to ensure a product's quality, business owners need to be sure that their product is completely bug-free. Bug tracking tools allow businesses to interact with customers and products to continue to produce more advanced products. Bugs - pesky product malfunctions Ė can cause a wide range of damage. Some bugs donít affect a product's operation; others cause critical failure of entire systems. These bugs and how a company solves the issue can make or break a business.
Letís take an example of a small printing firm. The firm is loyal to a specific office equipment company that provides them with all of the businessí printers. When the firmís business owner upgrades to a state-of-the-art printer, however, he discovers an annoying problem. The printer only prints every other line. Imagine his frustration as he complains to the vendor. The vendor, in turn, takes the printer back and credits the firm. The vendor, however, is unable to solve the particular problem - they donít have bug tracking tools. Not only does the vendor lose money from the sale, but they might also lose future business with this firm.
The office equipment company (vendor) needs to immediately fix its faulty product. The first step is to acquire quality bug tracking tools. With this software, the company will be able to identify, research, test, and eliminate bugs. In the case of the faulty printer, the company must start a bug report, which details the bug's history from start to finish. Afterwards, the bug tracking team needs to see the bug to its demise. Afterwards, the company can produce a quality printer.
Bug tracking tools help maintain a company's integrity with quality products. In today's business environment, dozens of companies compete to provide the same product to the same clientele. A company must distinguish itself by keeping customers satisfied and loyal Ė this can be achieved through providing bug-free products.