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Bug Tracking with Elementool
Elementool.com offers a range of products to help with the entire bug tracking needs. The solutions offered by Elementool fully enable a company to make their software product secure and bug free. These tools allow for quick and easy handling of bug situations, including many helpful features that make bug tracking simple.
Elementool always has their customer in mind. They have created tools that are easy to use and suitable for every level of need. Every package with Elementool has some amazing features. The biggest feature is that there is no software download required. The Elementool bug tracking tools are web based, which offers many benefits. First, there is nothing to install on the company computer. Second, being web based means that the system can be accessed from anywhere, not just the company computers. Lastly, a web based system is simple to set up and get started with.
Elementool bug tracking tools also allow for an unlimited number of users which means that a company can have a team of any size and everyone will be able to access the system. Elementool bug tracking tools are offered on a monthly basis, so if they are needed for a short term project then a company can stop using them whenever the project is over without fear of having to pay any cancellation charges. These tools are also constantly updated, which means companies can stay on top of new developments in bug tracking.
Besides all the other great features, Elementool products can be made to suit the needs of the company. This includes any need from using single or multiple accounts to developing things like message boards and email lists to tracking bug activity and generating reports.
Elementool offers a great bug tracking solution for today's busy company. With everything that it has to offer with their system there is no need to go anywhere else or even look at another system.