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Beginning Bug Tracking
Bug tracking can seem like a complex issue, but once a person gets started with it, they will find it is really not that hard. It is worth taking the time to understand, especially for a business owner. Bug tracking can be done by almost anyone, even without special training in programming or development because of the easy to use bug tracking programs available.
One of the first things a person needs to learn about bug tracking is the reporting process. The reports of such system are very important. A report contains every bit of information about any found bug. It will include information on how the bug was discovered, how it was handled and a detailed description of the bug. The report is very important in case the bug reoccurs. It also is a way to track the effects of bugs and how well they are being handled.
A bug report needs three critical pieces of information. It needs to explain what effect the bug had, this is two things - what the bug caused to happen and what should have happened. Additionally, the bug report needs to identify how to reproduce the bug. By knowing how to create the bug it is easier to stop it.
When beginning to use the system a person needs to understand how to use bug tracking tools. Depending on the system being used there are likely to be a lot of features. The report is only one part of the bug tracking system. There are also other features, like message boards and tracking tools that a person needs to understand.
Lastly, management of the bug tracking system is of the greatest importance. Without good management such system is not going to be very effective. It has to be monitored and used regularly in order to be useful.
Using a bug tracking system is not as hard as it may first seem. Once a person begins using it they will find that it is more helpful then complex. They will begin to wonder how they ever functioned without a bug tracking system.